Strolling Cadiz

Road Tripping: Morocco-to-Spain for a Weekend in Tarifa

We ate our first dinner of the road trip in our hotel bathroom in Tangier. I sat crossed-leg in the bathtub, Kylo knelt on the floor resting his knees on a folded up towel. Our room service meal of a beef tagine teetered on a ledge next to the bath tub. We were starving by […]

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Back to Morocco We Go

Two weeks ago we returned to Morocco with our newly composed little family. We’ve experienced and learned Morocco over the past two years as a family of two plus Noellabella. In some ways it feels as though we are starting over again – learning this country in a new way with different experiences. We survived […]

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The campsite on arrival

Road Tripping: Glamping in the Sahara Desert

It’s been a minute, and so much has changed! I planned to spend the summer writing and eating tacos while waiting out this babe. Apparently he had other plans and decided to spring early. That’s an important update which I’m still working on writing, but first, the Sahara road trip. March to April is the […]

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Traveling Europe with a Dog

We recently told family and friends that I’m pregnant! We are both nervous and excited for August 2015 when this babe makes his or her appearance. We hope to learn to become travel experts with our little human, but in the meantime, before we acquire baby expertise, I’ve received a few questions about how we […]

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A little romantic wandering on Valentine's Day

A Taco Binge in Paris

Since moving to Morocco, where there is a massive shortage of authentic Mexican food, finding Mexican eateries where we travel is always a thrill. I heard rumors about an authentic Taco Shoppe in Paris and when my friend-of-a-friend gave me her Paris tips (the same friend who provided the Copenhagen list) she confirmed the rumors. […]

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Copenhagen in Three Days

In November we embarked on our second annual Thanksgiving in Europe weekend adventure in search of Christmas and all things merry. After reading more than a few articles on the fantastic microbrewery scene in Copenhagen and the legend of the Mikkeller brothers, I knew it was meant to be. I received a gift from a […]

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