A Mexican Nunnery + Fresh Tortillas in Casablanca

I’m trying something a bit different. This will most likely be less interesting to the family and close friends who are my main audience and who are kind enough to read about my ridiculous wanderings. I’m creating a “Morocco Living” compilation of my special and not-so-special finds. This is especially for those who don’t want […]

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Stole a photo of these two gentleman while they sat and read the paper together and people watched

Roadtripping Portugal: Two Days in the Alentejo

At the onset of this latest road trip, I had no specific destination for Portugal in mind. I always want to go further and see more than is practical, but after the not-so-surprising ferry delay, I aimed for finding a place that provided less time traveling and more time sipping sangria. Thanks to the Rough […]

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Bicyce Tea

Moroccan Whisky: 3 Tea Stops in Rabat

While there is so much more to say about road tripping Portugal, a sidetrack to discuss an important food-related topic is in order. I thought I was familiar with Moroccan mint tea before moving to Rabat. I had eaten at a variety of Moroccan restaurants and felt confident that I knew what was up when […]

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2014-03-14 06.23.40

Road Tripping: Morocco-to-Portugal Transporation Woes

Not surprisingly, the ferry transport to Spain didn’t go at all as planned. I realized that taking the ferry and then renting a car in Spain might save some funding because the ferry tickets for cars are $200+. There aren’t any rental car companies in Tarifa so taking the ferry from Tanger Med to Algeciras […]

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Route: Morocco-Spain

Road Tripping: Morocco-to-Spain

……and back again. I love road trips. From the moment I knew I was moving to Morocco, a Spain-Morocco road trip was in the works in my traveling mind. I have rented a car in almost every country I’ve ever traveled to because I enjoy being on no one’s schedule but my own and adore […]

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Atop Ryad Lina

Chefchaouen: Don’t be Dissuaded by Distance

There’s something mesmerizing about a city painted blue. Something magical about people who purposely paint their doors, walls, and streets blue ‘just because’. I had read about Chefchaouen before moving to Morocco. It was on my list of places to see when I nearly traveled to Morocco three years ago (air miles weren’t available so […]

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