Bicyce Tea

Moroccan Whisky: 3 Tea Stops in Rabat

While there is so much more to say about road tripping Portugal, a sidetrack to discuss an important food-related topic is in order. I thought I was familiar with Moroccan mint tea before moving to Rabat. I had eaten at a variety of Moroccan restaurants and felt confident that I knew what was up when […]

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2014-03-14 06.23.40

Road Tripping: Morocco-to-Portugal Transporation Woes

Not surprisingly, the ferry transport to Spain didn’t go at all as planned. I realized that taking the ferry and then renting a car in Spain might save some funding because the ferry tickets for cars are $200+. There aren’t any rental car companies in Tarifa so taking the ferry from Tanger Med to Algeciras […]

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Route: Morocco-Spain

Road Tripping: Morocco-to-Spain

……and back again. I love road trips. From the moment I knew I was moving to Morocco, a Spain-Morocco road trip was in the works in my traveling mind. I have rented a car in almost every country I’ve ever traveled to because I enjoy being on no one’s schedule but my own and adore […]

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Atop Ryad Lina

Chefchaouen: Don’t be Dissuaded by Distance

There’s something mesmerizing about a city painted blue. Something magical about people who purposely paint their doors, walls, and streets blue ‘just because’. I had read about Chefchaouen before moving to Morocco. It was on my list of places to see when I nearly traveled to Morocco three years ago (air miles weren’t available so […]

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2013-11-28 15.17.20

3 Days in Belgium: A Worthy Detour

In the spirit of taking full advantage of long weekends and holidays, I recently ventured to Belgium in search of chocolate, Trappist beer, mussels & frites, and of course, waffles. A few years prior while backpacking through Europe, I skipped the opportunity to venture around Belgium because I wasn’t sure the detour was worth the […]

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San Gimigiano

Weekend in Tuscany

I elected to welcome my 3rd decade by doing what I do best, eating pasta and drinking wine. Ryanair offers a direct flight from Fes to Pisa for a steal so a long weekend in Italy made perfect sense. Full Disclosure: The Ryanair experience is similar to cattle being herded into a small cramped compartment, […]

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